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S´J ramen

The Japanese ramen masters Satoshi Nakao and Kohei Matsumoto came to Germany from Osaka in 2016 to spread joy among the people. Sounds like cheap copy? In this case, I can confirm that the two are really serious.
They quickly made a name for themselves with their bright orange food truck and Japanese crepes, mainly on the way to anime and manga events. Her upbeat, West Japanese manner is contagious and her ramen are amazing.
Now the first original Japanese ramen bar is to open its doors in Bielfeld's old town. I was allowed to design the logo, I work in an advisory capacity here and there and a lot more should grow.

Given the occasion, our usual collaboration is currently stalling. I am currently supporting recovery and financial recovery initiatives with my work.

More information on the recent explosion on Bielefeld's Siegfriedplatz

and everything that has happened around Kohei, Satoshi and Jens gives up

the GoFundMe page. The donation campaign is already over.

1. Design phase, logo

1Logo Entwurfsphase SJ Noodle.jpg
2Logo Entwurfsphase SJ Noodle.jpg

2. Design phase

3Logo Entwurfsphase SJ Noodle.jpg

Typo and  Slogans have already been adopted.

3. Design phase - the final logo

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