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Design Studio for visual communication

"Die Verbindung von Emotion und Strategie"


- Because marketing doesn't have to come off the peg either -


From business equipment to outdoor advertising. Marketing with a strategy.
Do you think your company has personality? We treat it that way too.

Marketing rules applied coolly may work, but they will not make you or your target audience happy. In no case do they replace the inventiveness that is required for a really good CPU.

Our strength is our love for individualism and the courage it takes to stir up the market.

| Branding & Image

| Editorial illustration

| Kind of illustration

| graphic design

Printmaker  | Brand Planner | Illustrator | Graphic designer

Japanische Seitenstraßen

  S'J Ramen not only provides Asian cuisine in downtown Bielfeld.

The name was already there - the logo and the slogan are from our hand.

Implementation: Print media, foil cuts, on textiles and as outdoor advertising.

It was important for us to set the product apart from established fast food chains and at the same time to create a high recognition value, despite being able to get it on the plate quickly and at fairly low prices. Mission completed. 

S´J RAMEN    |    Bielefeld

Individualität durch Produkteinzigartigkeit

classic graphic design |

Strategy knowledge |

Analysis know-how |

Illustration |

Motion design |

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- You have a shop and it is not a concept store yet? -


Would you like to turn your shop into a concept store or have you already found your niche on the market and are you looking for partnerships?


Individuality is very important - and that is exactly where our core competence lies.


We design and illustrate individually for your product uniqueness.
Produce your own collection of postcards, mugs, caps, t-shirts or stationery or housewares and we will design your individual, exclusively available from you, motifs - completely in your style.

con_k as a printmaker - that's like walking part of the way together


The business whisperer for start-ups.

With the founder and experienced marketing professional

Daniel de Juan, we have laid the creative and visual cornerstones of his latest venture.


About the logo: In terms of content, Corefinder is about exposing the core - the basis of something. So we did just that. We analyzed the meaning of the idea of a stylized Ying Yang presented by the customer and broken it down to: the core of the whole.

The result is the original form - the mother of all forms. Completion of balance and symbol for everything that arises.


. . .

Infographics, 3D presentation technology & mood boards


We support our customers in classic image processing and retouching as well as with mood boards and 3D representation of interiors, premises, buildings and exhibition rooms.

Presentation techniques are our passion and so our customers can concentrate on their work while we make your work and projects smooth and professional in front of the end customer.

con_k visualizes and communicates your ideas.

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