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Gusty Bags - unique items from Lajares, Fuerteventura

It all started as a repair workshop for all kinds of sails. With its Gusty Bags label, Stitchcraft produces individual items with great craftsmanship and creativity, the necessary time and attention to detail, since 2013.


Bags, accessories and bespoke outdoor accessories made from recycled kitesurf sails and high-quality high-tech materials are part of the range. Quality and thus sustainability.

The production and the design, visible and as transparent as possible for the customer.


As a designer, I was allowed to design freely and the production of the unique pieces I designed came from my hand.

It was too short and / but a nice time. Thanks for that Thijs.


Unfortunately, this brand and the shop no longer exist at the moment.


# corona2020 #schade #ichbinsicherGustyBagswillbeback #imissthatsh ...

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