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Graphic Design

Industrial & Product Design

Marketing & Product Placement

Market & Target Group Analyzes

Outdoor Advertising


Our home base is Fuerteventura / Bielefeld.


We work with our clients remotely on a day-to-day basis and come together in the "hot phase" and the planning of projects.

We look after customers from Spain and Germany.

Art´n digital combination

Digital creative meets art.

con_k is a combination of art studio and agency.

Graphic Art and illustration

Nothing is set in stone at con_k, but in free designs I like to move around the topics of slow life, surfing and island life and, in general, current life style trends or no-trends.

Minimalist representation - almost always with the color combinations characteristic of con_k.

Modern Office

remark on my own behalf

con_k is a tiny fire in the Canary Islands. The fact that all our partners and suppliers also come from the islands is important to us and makes us proud. We don't just want to "print island lovers everywhere" - we also want to live it.
In an area where 95% of jobs depend on tourism, where minimal wages are paid that are often not enough to live on, we would like at least to have the chance to be able to give back even more than we do now.
  to create growth in industry and crafts. We start by ordering our woodwork, if not made by ourselves, from Canarian carpenters and having them printed here on site. It is clear to us that we cannot compete with other manufacturers in terms of price and that the earnings are not "optimized" for us either. We accept this and hope that our customers will understand.

Please leave souvenirs that are not made here in the shops. They come to us in millions of quantities, transported over thousands of kilometers, have absolutely nothing to do with the Canary Islands and deprive us of the basis for ever somehow bringing about growth -  no matter how hard we work.

Thank you - from the bottom of my heart - your tiny con_k team

Why this name

Why con_k?

Because as the founder, that's exactly what I answer when someone in my adopted home asks me for my name.

"Cris. Cris con k."

Aufgeräumter Schreibtisch
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